Registrations Open Adult Competition

5 Oct

Adult Competition League Games at Mercury Baypark

League Dates:             Monday’s 30th October – 11th December (7 weeks).

Cost:                           Entry Fee per team      $705.00 (2 referees)

Divisions:                    Men’s A Grade            8 teams

                                    Women’s Grade          4 teams

                                    Men’s B Grade            8 teams

                                    Mixed Grade               4 teams          

These Grades will be dependent on numbers.

Registration closes: Wednesday 25th October. Earlier if max. number of teams reached.

The Entry Fee needs to be paid in full by 8th November 2023

(The person who registers the team will be our main contact for all information regarding teams and responsible for arranging payment for the team.)

Team Size:                  A minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 players per team. All players must be registered through the Friendly Manager programme.

Mixed teams must have a minimum of two female players on the court at all times.

Team Members:        

  • Players can only play for ONE team in any grade (with the exception of mixed grade).
  • Players may play in a mixed team as well as in another grade.

Game Times:   6.15pm – 9.30pm

Referees:         Two Paid referees will be provided by TCBA for all grades (included in fees)

As per our rules all players must be 15 years old to be eligible to play in Adult Competitions. Players between thirteen and fifteen years of age may seek written dispensation to play from the Executive Committee, please be aware that the following is taken into consideration when decisions are being made:

BBNZ do not allow U15’s to play in their Under 23 or adult competitions, so a decision to decline is in line with their rules.