Midnight Madness

What is Midnight Madness?

Midnight Madness is the most FUN event on the basketball calendar ANYWHERE, EVER!!!!!

Everyone who is attending Term 4 Navigators / U15/U17/U19 Representative Programme will be sent an invite to participate, the first 120 to register will cement their position in the event.

All players who sign up to the Midnight Madness event are then organized into Age-groups for the big lottery draft.

Coaches who have been identified and selected on the proviso that they are simply awesome then have a meeting to decide upon teams.

This is a team draft meeting – coaches all select numbers out of a high tech scrambling up to date machine (ok numbers out of an ice-cream container – we are on a budget!!!) – Whoever gets number 1, gets to select the player they want from those on the Under 9 mixed list first, the coach who gets number 2 gets the second pick and so on. Then all numbers are returned and we go through the same process for Under 11 mixed and we work our way through all the age-groups and genders.

EVERYONE is put into a team!!! We do this process for three reasons:

  1. Whoever is the first pick for each age-group gets announced and receives a prize on the night of the event.
  2. It ensures that even & “fair’ teams are made up.
  3. It’s blinking good fun for the coaches!!!!!

Only the players who were number 1 pick are informed all other picks remain confidential.

Teams at this team draft meetings are therefore selected and will be made up of:

Coach – doesn’t get to play sorry!!!!
1 player from Under 9 Mixed
1 player from Under 11 Mixed
1 player from Under 13 Girls
1 or 2 players from Under 13 Boys
1 player from Under 15 Girls
1 or 2 players from Under 15 Boys
1 player from Under 17 / 19 Girls

1 or 2 players from Under 17 / 19 Boys

Therefore, the teams are made up of players from all age-groups and both genders.

 When we play, younger players are allowed to mark the older players, but the older players cannot steal the ball or block the younger. Which means the little fellas can rip it up on the big guys!!!!

This concept is an awesome opportunity for us to use our older players as role models for our younger players and a great opportunity for players to socialize and play basketball in a fun event.

The coaches all have to coach to a schedule i.e. 3 youngest males and 2 oldest females on court in the first 5 minutes which ensures everyone gets equal court time and has the chance to show their stuff!!!!

As teams play, the music is blaring creating an atmosphere that has to be experienced to be believed.

Every game there is a MVP spot prize from each team which the team coach’s award, the selected player gets to come to the “locker room” filled with prizes – they pick a number from the Xmas Tree, and then receive the secret/surprise prize that correlates with that number. Could be a chocolate bar, could be knucklebones, or could be a fantastic basketball prize!!! You just never know.

Also on the night, everyone participates in both the free throw and 3 point competition within their age groups. So more prizes galore!!! Please note parents that we have Parent competitions also – so be ready to participate and win fantastic prizes!!! Well really be ready to embarrass your child shockingly!!!

Another highlight of the night are the kids versus parents games – first on are the Under 11’s versus the Parents – scores are kept and then accumulated …… so let’s say that the parents beat the Under 11’s 12 – 4, then when the Under 13’s play the score starts at 12-4 and if the parents beat this age-group 10- 8, score becomes 22-12 and so forth. Trust me parents we need to get a lead to hold off the Under 17 Boys and Girls.

We strongly encourage parents to play, it really is all in good fun, and for many parents is their first game ever – kids need to have an adult to play against, this can be parents, big brother, uncle, aunty etc. If absolutely no other options staff are happy to be Aunty Rach, Aunty Cairyn, Uncle Igor, Uncle Luke!! Come on parents have a go!!!

Probably the biggest highlight of the night is the Pizza & Drink arriving……. players have to survive to 10.00 pm to get this though!!!

Finally, on leaving, each child gets their Xmas present.