Price Increases for 2024

1 Dec

Price Increases for 2024

You may have seen that Tauranga City Council have approved Bay Venues request to increase court hire charges for community groups by around 58% from January 2024.

Tauranga City Basketball opposed this increase and participated in the feedback process to Council.

Whilst we believe basketball needs to pay its fair share of costs for Council owned community facilities, we felt this level of increase was too great an increase at once. We also believe other codes (outdoor sports) enjoy use of council facilities for free despite council incurring costs for these; and that this is inequitable.

On top of this, TCBA face cost of living increases like everyone else in New Zealand, with other suppliers increasing fees.

We have been working hard over the past two months to do all we can to limit the increase we are forced to pass on to our participants in 2024. To this end we can announce that our fee increases will be kept to roughly 10-12% in 2024, which we believe is a significant achievement despite the significant venue hire increase from Bay Venues. We understand this increase may still be a challenge for our members, but the factors outlined above mean we have no alternatives.

If you wish to communicate with Council or Bay Venues about the cost increases please contact them via their websites.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all on court next year.

Mark Rogers

General Manager