Mouth Guards

23 Jun

Yay winter sports season is underway

Mouthguards are an absolutely essential piece of sports safety equipment. Unfortunately, despite the fact that thousands lose or injure teeth every year while participating in sports,  they are often overlooked or underutilised by athletes because there ones are not comfortable and loose.

Custom mouthguard offer the more secure & comfortable fit. The guard is more likely to stay in place & allows the athlete to speak & breathe normally.

When a mouthguard works well & feels comfortable, they are more likely to wear it when they should! Properly fabricated, custom-fit mouthguard play a significant role in not only preventing dental injuries and injuries to the jaw, but also in reducing concussions and the loss of teeth.

If you are interested in your child getting a custom fitting mouthguard this season contact  Charlotte Moir  CORSON DENTAL 2 WILLOW ST TAURANGA 07 578 3243

~We will need a quick appointment for an impression of your teeth and mouth and then create a mouthguard specifically for you

 ~ A week later a fitting appointment

~Extra appointments may be needed to ensure that its fitting comfortably

Accidents happen, losing teeth doesn’t have to be one of them