Tremains Little League Tauranga

Primary Winter Competitions 2024

Little League

League Dates:

  • Little League Term 2 (Mondays) – 13th May – 1st July (6 weeks)
  • Little League Term 3 (Mondays) – 22nd July – 26th August (6 weeks)


  • Mercury Baypark Little League (one grade all teams play)
  • QEYC Little League (one grade all teams play)

Entry Fee per team:  

  • Little League $320.00 (GST Inclusive) Term 2
  • Little League $320.00 (GST Inclusive) Term 3

Recommended Team Size:

  • Little League Minimum 5 and maximum of 6 (Four Players on court at a time)


  • Mercury Baypark,
  • QEYC Court 1 & Court 2 

Invoices will be issued once registrations close.

Entries Close: Friday 12th April 2024

Tremains Little league games are 22 minutes long and played on half a basketball court.  To ensure players get to handle the ball there are only four players from each team on the court. Games are scheduled between 4:00pm and 5:30pm.

The primary objective of the league is for players to have fun, whilst learning the concept of a team game and developing basic basketball skills in a safe environment. This league is controlled by the Coaches of each team to ensure that each player gets develop with oncourt coaching/upskilling.  The Coach is expected to assist both teams to ensure all players enjoy their game.

Little League:

This league is about participation and enjoyment of the game. It is expected that all players have fun while learning the fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting in a game situation. All players need to feel that they are contributing to the game in a safe, encouraging and positive environment. With that in mind it is expected that the coach or parent from each team are on the court assisting the players to learn.